an XML-Suite for object pascal

Here you can find informations on an open-source tools-collection for processing xml-documents with object pascal, based on an compliant set of open-source interfaces.

Object Pascal is a high level language somewhere between Java and C++
(easier than Java, nearly as safe as Java and nearly as fast as C++).

There are commercial implemenatations for Linux and Windows from Borland (Borland offers free editions for open source development, too).

And there is the open source implementation FreePascal. You might be able to use it with this XML-suite, if you use the latest developer version of FreePascal, the last stable version (1.06) doesn't support interfaces.

Currently tested with D5, D6 and Kylix2.
Freepascal 1.1: work in progress




other dom implementations for object pascal:


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to do:

enhancements of idom2-beta2 (current cvs version)